Custom Luxury Features Of Your Dream Home

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

You’ve worked your way through life and made it to the point where you’re building your own custom home. So why waste your time on cookie-cutter designs?

If you’re a luxury buyer, cookie-cutter designs can be a waste of time. Ambient, modern, custom, efficiency and warmth should be at the top of your list when it comes to luxury home features. From private massage rooms to in-house brick ovens. Let’s discuss some “must-have” features of your custom luxury dream home.

Dedicated massage room

One of our favorite custom requests is a dedicated massage room. The room contains a full-size professional massage table and a sink area stocked with soft hand towels and massage oils. The room also has variable lighting and a sound system built in to adjust for relaxation preferences. Our client has a masseuse come weekly and treat them in their very own in-house massage studio.

In-house brick oven

Another one of our favorite luxury features is a full-sized brick oven inside the kitchen. The brick oven reaches to the ceiling and is ventilated through a chimney. The oven cooks beautiful artisan pizza to perfection every time. It is an amazing party feature for adults and kids alike.

Luxury outdoor living spaces

When we at Hunter Corp of Colorado say ‘outdoor living space’, we mean it. Your outdoor living area should be an extension of the luxury found inside your home. The outside spaces we create can include mounted entertainment systems with complete cable management. A luxury outdoor space can also include a sink, built-in grill and oven, outdoor furniture, and ceiling fans all under the cover of a beautiful pavilion-style roof.

Temperature controlled wine cellar

Another popular feature in the custom homes we build are walk-in wine cellars. The room consists of wall-to-wall carved wood shelving to house fine wines. Despite being a wine “cellar”, we’ve built many wine cellars on the main floor of the home instead of a basement. Wine cellars in the basement are traditionally used to keep the wine out of direct sunlight and to help control temperature and humidity, but these days that isn’t an issue. Today’s wine cellars are temperature and humidity controlled separate from the rest of the house to protect the life of the wine over long periods of time. This is a true luxury to have in the high altitudes of Colorado. What’s more, with the wine collection being on the main floor, it can be easily showcased to guests.

At Hunter Corp, we value our clients and the confidence they place in us to build high-quality, luxury homes. Our custom designs are unique and meticulously designed to meet all of your needs. We have an in-house architect and interior designer to make the building process easy and enjoyable. Speak to one of our professionals today about how we can help build your dream home. You can call us at (720) 726-0646 or Contact Us by email for more information about Getting Started on building your custom luxury home. We are licensed in Colorado as well as in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Hawaii.