We chose your company to design and build our home based on the quality and craftsmanship we saw in other homes you had built. As we look back on that decision, we can only say we could not imagine any other builder that would have delivered such a lovely home.

Randall & Pam Onstead

Enjoyed the experience so much with my first home in Tealwood Lakes, I decided to do it again in Santa Fe. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Susan Richardson Mount

Having built homes in the past in various parts of the country, we thought we knew what to expect. However, the experience of working with you and your professional group far exceeded our expectations.

Jeannie & Charles P. Seiss

There were no hitches or miscommunications of any kind which made this a truly ‘fun’ project.

Alan & Helen Buckwalter

Despite my 30 years as a contractor and a developer, we looked forward to designing and building our first house with some trepidation. We had heard the litany of horror stories. Six years later, we cannot tell you how many times we still say ‘aren’t we lucky we found Roger Hunter’.

Richard Hertz & Doris Meyer

Our completed home is a joy that combines beautiful design with excellent construction.

Dan Duncan

Roger made several suggestions along the way to improve certain design features, most of which we agreed with, and now are pleased that he did. He always took a hands-on approach and was very involved in every decision. All in all, this was a very rewarding experience and we would highly recommend Roger Hunter to anyone interested in buying a high-quality home.

Joe and Susan Stella

We did a major renovation of our home in Tealwood Lakes. The project turned out better than we could have possibly imagined.

Dr. Robert and Laurie Pinkston